Daring to be more of You

Card for this Blue Moon Day: DARING from the Avalon Chakra Mysteries Oracle.

The symbolism in this image -scroll down- has suggestions of the story of Adam and Eve with the offer of something that seems to have the potential to be fulfilling but is it worth the risk? This Image is called ‘Daring’ and it is offering a suggestion: that it might be worth looking again at what you can do to claim back the feminine aspects of your wisdom. These are those intuitive sensory and psychic abilities which we have been taught are tricks or deceptions which will get us into trouble.

This belief, that the intuitive powers of our Feminine Wisdom are somehow evil, is the real lie and sadly most of us have fallen for it hook, line and sinker until, with our Soul’s guidance and truth of perception, we begin to see through it and decide not to be fooled by it any more.

The Myth of Adam and Eve has been purposefully corrupted because it holds some very powerful Keys to understanding the real-time, creative dynamics of being a Spirit incarnate on Mother Earth. These corruptions have denied us of the real meaning of these Keys as well as a wealth of important Spiritual information, wisdom and knowledge. The verses below are from Genesis 3 in the King James Version of the Bible and they reveal some of those missing and distorted bits which we have been denied for so long.

  • 6: And when the woman saw that the Tree ( of Knowledge of Good and Evil ) was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes and it was a Tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat.
  • 7: And the eyes of them both were opened…
  • 20: And Adam called his wife’s name Eve; because she was the Mother of All Living.

That Fruit, the Apple, feeds us with the self-knowledge to feel, see or sense what is bad or evil for us.  Evil is ‘live’ spelled backwards so it is a way of describing energies which are bad, negative or destructive. This is an important part of the Story’s real or true message. That, in eating the Apple, the Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, we can see through our limiting thought patterns and belief systems and tune into the purity of our Soul’s Vision – the becoming naked in the symbolism of the story. Then we can clearly sense what is good for us: the people and situations which are sweet, fruitful, fulfilling and nourishing for our personal Journey.

There is a slight catch though and this is because the seeing through of the lie is only one aspect of the revelation. Yes, that is good: you have seen that you have been fooled into thinking that you are powerless and that you can’t be who you really want to be. This inner-sight has lit up your mind and ignited your passion to do that something which feels good and you think has the potential to move your forwards on your Grail Quest.

You may have taken your Apple off the Tree of Knowledge already but do you dare to eat it now and risk having the experience of discovering exactly what it tastes like?  Some kind of follow-through action, fuelled by your desire to know more about yourself and the Mysteries of Mother Earth, is also needed to find out more and make it real. You have the choice and it’s your choice. Do you dare to take it?

Throat Chakra "Daring"


Mary Magdalene’s Celestial Keys

We are slowly remembering the true role of Mary Magdalene in Britain’s earlier forms of Christianity: that she was regarded as a Saint and an important founder of the Church. Mary’s legacy was once highly valued. She was honoured and she was deeply respected.

There are still many towns with streets, Chapels and other buildings in the UK dedicated to her. Glastonbury has a Magdalene Street where you can step inside the tiny houses of a mediaeval Hospice which were named in her memory.

Suddenly, a Witch Hunt

But then, for some reason, the Roman Church became so threatened by Mary’s name and memory that they invented the first media witch hunt – literally! The Magdalene Mary was besmirched, dishonoured, tainted and tarnished. She was gradually demoted and linked with the archetype of a repentant whore rather than an honoured Saint and founder of the First Church.

And those who objected were somehow or other silenced. What was going on?

The Promise of Revelations

Not so long ago, the enormous success of Dan Brown’s book, The Da Vinci Code, famously took the lid off hundreds of years of persecution of the truth about Mary’s real relationship with Yeshua (Jesus). The goose was out and we began to realise that we could trust what we had sensed all along – that there really was a cover-up of something strangely vital, important and powerful.

But what exactly was it? Dan Brown’s various books gave out lots of hints and others soon jumped onto a bandwagon that seemed to promise instant fame and glory. Revelations followed: that there are secret societies in the know and they are guarding powerful information that can unlock any and every door.

We were all intrigued, well, just a little bit, until we realised that all those special, secret people had no intention of inviting all and sundry onto their membership lists. Maybe it was just another trick to make few clever people lots of money. Well, it certainly worked, for them anyway!

Those Celestial Keys are in the Gospel of Mary Magdalene

Somewhere along the line a few years ago, I found this quote from a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882).

“Like the astrologers of eld (old),

In that bright vision I beheld

Greater and deeper mysteries.

 I saw, with its celestial keys,

Its chords of air, its frets of fire,

The Samian’s great Aeolian lyre,

Rising through all its sevenfold bars,

From earth unto the fixed stars.”

I remember being both shocked and delighted when I first found these words – shocked by the beauty of Longfellow’s insight and delighted by his eloquence.  My personal journey had already led me back to the Gospel of Mary Magdalene and I had begun to understand her message enough to realise that Longfellow had also very likely been privy to her Revelations.

This is what was being hidden but the Goose is out! Image

The goose was out!

The Photo is from Salisbury Cathedral which was contemporary with Glastonbury abbey.

The Web of the Wyrd and the Law of Attraction

“The truth is an energy that lifts you and other people up with clarity, love and under-standing.”

We create our reality with filaments of Light

In the ancient Celtic, Druid and Shamanic teachings, the metaphysics of what we now call the Law of Attraction was often called the Web of the Wyrd. This is the same concept as the teachings of the Spider Woman in some traditions and the Dream-time in others.

Developing our 6th Sense

The idea of the Web of the Wyrd is that we are constantly bathed in a ‘sea’ of subtle energies which are made up of Mother Earth’s Four Elemental Powers. If we are alert to what is happening round us, we can get feedback about this Elemental Sea of non-physical energies through our intuitive 6th sense. These are the psychic, visionary and clairvoyant sensitivities which are the higher octave of our body’s 5 physical senses.

This spiritual octave of the 5 physical senses works through the energies of our body’s Chakra energy system. We all have natural 6th sense abilities but the negative, historical conditioning of our modern cultures has taught us to suppress, ignore or fear these self- empowering spiritual talents.

The Spiritual Alchemy of your Heart Chakra

The ‘antidote’ to all this self-limiting historical conditioning is to consciously tune into our physical bodies, listen to its feedback carefully and then trust what we seeing, feeling or sensing. If this provokes any memories which are carrying fear or anger from the past, then allow these emotions to surface into your awareness and embrace them with acceptance and love in your Heart Chakra.

Love resonates with higher Frequencies of Light

Your Soul’s mysterious Alchemy of Love in the Heart Chakra will then be able to transmute the self-destructive, negative ‘spin’ of the fearful emotional energies and you will be able to release them effortlessly through your outbreath. Then, when you reconnect with the Elemental Sea of the Web of the Wyrd, your emotional energies will be resonating with Love rather than fear or anger and this will magnetically attract positive people and experiences towards your personal energy field.

Welcome to my Avalon Grail Code blog

Today it feels like it’s time to begin this process of sharing what I have discovered about the Sacred Landscape Temple of Glastonbury in the south west of Britain.

There are many aspects and layers to these Mysteries, many layers of Glastonbury’s convoluted History and Avalon’s ancient Legends blending with the Here and Now in ways which are purposefully designed to baffle the logical mind. The Divine intention is to provoke an opening or bypassing of the rational mind so that the Timeless may be glimpsed.

This opening stimulates the experience of personal knowing, the direct perception or Gnosis that there really is a ‘something else’ to Life. This inner knowing, if honoured and pursued, magically stimulates the Quest, the inner processes of questioning blending with the outer processes of searching for more clues. And this is the ‘magic’, the dynamic between inner and outer which leads to further personal experiences of the mysterious Essence of Being that we still call the Holy Grail.

Over 20 years or so I read lots of books in my efforts to understand what was making Glastonbury such an extra-ordinary place. I can see now that this was a preparation for the event which was to break open the veil which was blocking my direct knowing of the Other-world, the realms of spiritual consciousness and Being which are primarily energetic rather than physical.

In my reading of Glastonbury’s Myths and Legends, I had created a framework for understanding what I was being shown. After my ‘opening’, I began to write poetry and paint because these were the easiest ways of communicating what I was seeing and feeling. It felt as though I was suddenly able to tune into the Bardic Realms of Avalon’s ancient Druids and could access their wisdom.

It was as though all those Druid Teachings were recorded as an underground hum in the Landscape and I had discovered how to hear them. I also began to remember my Past Life experiences of living in Avalon/Glastonbury at various times before. Another series of  layers revealed the real history of the First Church which was once sited on the land which is now the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey.

Then I began to make a series of Collages which were my avenue to a greater understanding of the timeless Mysteries of Mary Magdalene and The Goddess Isis. Slowly, slowly, I began to comprehend what I was being shown and now it time to share it…..

Looking inside Glastonbury’s 15th Century Magdalene Chapel.