Avalon Grail Code Oracle No.38. Highest Good (Brow Chakra)

Surrender to the Highest Good


I am open to something which is bigger and better for me.

My heart is open to my Soul’s loving guidance.

There is spiritual perfection in my process of growth.

Description of Image: A carved figure of a man seems to be emerging from the stone which surrounds his body.  An enigmatic female form lovingly watches the man’s efforts to become free.

Developing your Ability to consciously surrender your Ego’s fears and limiting belief systems so you can open further to the Higher Love, support and clarity of guidance of your Soul-Self.

Let Love be the Light guiding your path

Your Higher Self is offering you the embrace of a higher vibration of love with the intention of guiding your progress towards a more creative phase of your life path but this means that you must now release whatever is still holding you back from achieving your full potential. Remember your commitment to your spiritual progress and trust the path that is leading you to a greater understanding of your Multidimensional Being. Surrender your fears to the concept of there being a Higher Good to your situation. Call these higher and more loving energy potentials to you and trust that they will serve you in the best possible way.

Surrender your Ego’s limiting patterns of thinking

If you are struggling with old patterns of thinking and behaving remember that your Soul and Higher-Self want only the best for you and that you are loved unconditionally. The Ego has a limited outlook based on optimising its strategies for physical survival so it fights by creating a confusing muddle of worries and fears every time we are invited to expand our spiritual capacity to connect with the higher vibrations of love. Trust that you have reached a point in your Life Path where you really can learn how to merge more closely with the expanded vision and loving purity of your Soul Essence and shift your mental focus to ways of simplifying and letting go of life’s dramas.

Trust the process and release the past

You are being given the opportunity to wipe your emotional slate clean of old pain, fear and hurt so accept your situation without judgement and stop worrying about what might happen or what you think you should be doing.  Allow yourself to go with flow of your intuitive guidance and trust the process. Your aim now is to free yourself from old belief systems which have been unwittingly holding you back so that you can emerge into the new and much higher energy potentials that are now available to you.  When the Karmic patterns of suffering are dissolved, your sensitivity to the enduring Love and Peace of the Creator will increase the compassion that you have for yourself and all around you.


49. Dream-Weaver: Merge your Divinity with the Great Mother during this Full Moon in Cancer

Dream Weaver from the Crown Chakra set of Images

49. Dream-Weaver (Crown Chakra Card from the Avalon Grail Code Oracle)


I can make dreams come true.

My creativity is an expression of Divine intent.

I know how to manifest the Vision I have been given.

Description of Image: The delicate body of a spider is suspended above and within a series of interconnected grids of subtle energy. She is creating a drop of molten gold in the basket of her web by interweaving the spin of her silk with a variety of different coloured cones of thread.

If Mother Spider has dropped into your world today, you are being asked to explore the metaphysics of weaving the tapestry of your life experiences in harmony with your Multidimensional Being.

This invitation from the Divine Mother will help you understand more about the mystical processes through which spiritual Dreams and Visions are manifested with the Diamond Light energy grids of Mother Earth. Step away from the boundaries created by the rational processes of your conventional thinking and tune into the expanded, visionary vibration of your greater wisdom. Acknowledge your ability to connect with Divine realms of Light and trust your capacity to consciously transfigure this higher, 5D frequency into a physical vibration so that your Dreams can manifest into solid expression if this is what you wish.

You are embracing your part in creating a New Earth so have faith in your ability to become more conscious of the threads of subtle energy which constantly spin in the Aura around your physical body as you focus on your Heart’s power of loving intent. Express your Divinity through the vehicle of your physical form for the Highest Good of All and learn more about the metaphysics of bringing the Light and Love of Heaven down to Mother Earth.

Avalon Grail Code Card no.3 Patterns (Root Chakra)

3.Root. Patterns


I am aware of my habitual responses and patterns of behaviour.

I am willing to open my mind to better ways of doing things.

I grow by working through the restrictions in my life.

Description of Image: The three elements of this image are arranged to suggest an energetic relationship between them. The perfectly circular Rings of the Planet Saturn underpin the complex and flawless beauty of a Tibetan Sand Mandala. Drawing the eye upwards towards the light at the end of the passageway, the graceful ribs of a building constructed with the sacred geometry of the Flower of Life, rise above the Mandala.

In Astrology, the Planet Saturn represents the Inner Taskmaster who helps us develop the disciplined skills we need to express our creativity. He represents the part of our personality who wants to do a good job and get it right. The Tibetan Sand Mandala is carefully made with coloured sand by highly skilled Monks who must work in a state of deep meditation to create the complex perfection of the completed design. Above the Tibetan Mandala design there is a building which has been constructed with the sacred geometry of the Flower of Life. This ancient science explains how we can use the energetic blueprints which underpin the patterns of all Natural forms to create buildings of great spiritual beauty.

Becoming aware of your habits of behaviour

This Patterns Root Chakra Oracle Card speaks to your ability to become aware of the way that patterns in the external events of your life are energetically linked with patterns in your thinking and behaving. Some of these patterns of behaviour will be life affirming in the sense that they are helping you express your creativity skilfully and beautifully.  On the other hand, some of your habits are unhelpful and actually create problems for you. In terms of your life experience, these are the physical restrictions in life which can be turned around to show you the emotional patterns which are secretly limiting or controlling your creative thinking.

You are being invited to take a closer look at your habitual responses to life so that you can discover how, subconsciously, you have been controlling or limiting the fluidity and joy of your self-expression. Empowered with this understanding, you will be able to see how your problems can be used as valuable opportunities for creating greater self-knowledge and more loving ways of expressing yourself.

Using your life experiences to build Self-awareness

Saturn also symbolises the part of our character who builds on our personal self-knowledge by asking questions such as: “Why am I doing this and who and what am I doing this for?” He represents our ability to learn from previous events and use the wisdom of this inner light in our current situation.

He is our inner Karmic Time Lord who supports us in being open to receive real and very useful answers when we ask, “Why has this happened in this way and what can I learn from it?”

We need discipline to become skilful

Some of our life skills are good for us in the sense that we feel happy to behave in these ways because they are a good match energetically with who we are in terms of our spiritual purpose. These are the skills that you are happy to dedicate time to learning and perfecting because they support you achieving what you want to happen.

However we also learn other patterns in childhood which don’t fit well with who we really are. These are the behaviours which are connected with feelings of being shamed or burdened in some way. There may be a sense of duty or a feeling of having to do something because someone else says we ought to or must do it.

Creating more constructive outcomes

In this respect Saturn speaks to our intuitive knowing that there is a spiritual purpose for the situation we are currently in. When we can accept feelings of being held back or stuck, we can also understand that there is a spiritual reason and purpose to it. Then we can open our minds to learning something of great spiritual value by asking, “What is this all about?” and getting the answers we need.

This skill helps us to stand back and review our life direction through the discipline of questioning the underlying reasons for the outcomes of previous experiences. We are then more empowered to use this information to help us resolve our current issues as well as learning something of great value from what has happened.

Avalon Grail Code Card no.36 Invention

This Grail Code Card speaks of our ability to become more conscious of how we are able to manifest the events and situations we want to experience.


I am imagining a world full of beauty and divine purpose.

The beauty that I express reflects my sense of divine perfection.

I am anchoring my belief in sacred purpose in everything I do.

Description of Image: Surrounded by various potentials, ideas, blueprints and plans, a figure lovingly devotes their attention to what they have decided to do.

 Trust your ability to manifest your dreams and visions

Self-realization is the conscious recognition that, because we are each divine aspects of the Creator, we each have an energetic connection with the Source though the spiritual awareness of our Higher Mind. With this understanding we then can become conscious of our capacity to be co-creative with the divine aspects of our Being and develop our ability to bring our spiritual visions and desires more accurately into physical manifestation.

The process of giving form to our ideas, inventions, visions and dreams begins in the spiritual realms of the Higher Mind, the 5th Dimensional realms and beyond. The subtle energy potentials of sacred space which underpin the material realms of 3D physical reality can then be directed by the creative focus of our thoughts and feelings.

Embrace your individuality and trust your personal vision

Usually we first become aware of a new idea as a thought-form which has been inspired or invented by our Higher Mind’s connection with the Source of Life. If we want to move this new idea closer to manifestation, we can then focus on creating an energetic connection which links this inspired thought-form with the loving intent of our Heart Chakra.

This creates a kind of bridge of motivation, an energy which connects your inspired or visionary idea with your emotional desire and your spiritual intent. This will be experienced as a desire or feeling of wanting your idea or vision to happen. You are then responsible for taking the kind of practical actions that are most likely to manifest what you have envisioned.

Third Eye/Brow Chakra No. 36: Invention

Avalon Grail Code Chakra Card no. 44 – Rebirth

For the last 3 years I have been working on creating a set of 49 Oracle Cards based on the 7  ‘traditional’ Chakra energy centres of the body. The inspiration for this task  came originally from my reading of the text of the Gospel of Mary Magdalene. Some of the original text is missing but there is enough remaining to understand that part of it is a record of Mary explaining some of her spiritual experiences of purifying the spiritual energies of the 7 Chakras.

Each Grail Code Chakra Card has an image and a set of 3 Affirmations/Positive Thoughts that go with it. I am currently working on writing some explanatory text for each card with the idea of further explaining the kind of spiritual issues that are encountered in the process of working consciously with these powerful energy centres.

44. Rebirth (Crown Chakra)


No. 44 Rebirth, Crown Chakra

I trust the Mysteries of spiritual transformation.

I am relaxing into the Alchemy of Change.

My world is safe.

Description of the Image: A mummified body lies inert and apparently lifeless beneath a night sky vibrant with stars. The graceful form of another figure begins to emerge from the protection of a rainbow coloured veil.

Welcome and trust this opportunity for spiritual renewal

If you have received this card today you are being asked to rest in the inner stillness and love of your Soul’s Presence while you release limiting emotional attachments and old ideas about yourself. You are being offered the opportunity for a profound leap in your spiritual awareness so embrace your fears with love and welcome this time as a chance to let go of outmoded patterns of thinking and old ways of behaving that no longer serve your spiritual path.

Opening to a higher love gives birth to new and higher levels of spiritual awareness

Rebirth is one of the Crown Chakra cards and it speaks of the unexplainable Mysteries of spiritual transformation.  These profound changes in consciousness involve shifts in the energetic dynamics which link the various physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers of your being in ways that cannot be understood by the rational thought processes of the Ego-mind. The usual result is feelings of fear or the sense that some part of you is dying because the Ego-mind cannot understand the inner transformation that is taking place.

Try not to judge or control what is happening

With the realisation that these kinds of big shifts in your awareness are necessary for spiritual reasons, it may be helpful to call on your inner courage, strength and self-love and consciously relax your body and mind as much as you are able.Open your Heart as widely as you can to the loving support of your Soul presence and your spiritual guides as they hold you gently during this time of transition and energetic transmutation of the past.

The spiritual processes of deep transformation and rebirth demand the release of negative energies of past experiences at the cellular level of your body so remembering old hurts or angers will facilitate emotional release. Try not to judge the process or suppress your feelings. Remember that you are not alone and that after this period of transition, your vibration will be lifted up in ways that will bring you a feeling of being renewed or reborn as you embrace more love, light and spiritual awareness into your life experience.

Trust in the future and let the spiritual authenticity of your Soul-Self emerge

This kind of profound shift in consciousness is only asked for when emotional and mental attachments to the past have become  constraining or limiting from the viewpoint of your spiritual growth. Welcome the presence of your Higher Self-consciousness and give yourself all the time you need to connect with the multidimensional wisdom stored in your DNA.

Trusting the spiritual need for your situation without becoming attached to an outcome opens up the higher levels of your mind to new spiritual insights. You will sense a deeper connection with the Creator’s universal energy of field of divine love and a greater understanding of the part that you can play in this blissful unfolding.

Daring to be more of You

Card for this Blue Moon Day: DARING from the Avalon Chakra Mysteries Oracle.

The symbolism in this image -scroll down- has suggestions of the story of Adam and Eve with the offer of something that seems to have the potential to be fulfilling but is it worth the risk? This Image is called ‘Daring’ and it is offering a suggestion: that it might be worth looking again at what you can do to claim back the feminine aspects of your wisdom. These are those intuitive sensory and psychic abilities which we have been taught are tricks or deceptions which will get us into trouble.

This belief, that the intuitive powers of our Feminine Wisdom are somehow evil, is the real lie and sadly most of us have fallen for it hook, line and sinker until, with our Soul’s guidance and truth of perception, we begin to see through it and decide not to be fooled by it any more.

The Myth of Adam and Eve has been purposefully corrupted because it holds some very powerful Keys to understanding the real-time, creative dynamics of being a Spirit incarnate on Mother Earth. These corruptions have denied us of the real meaning of these Keys as well as a wealth of important Spiritual information, wisdom and knowledge. The verses below are from Genesis 3 in the King James Version of the Bible and they reveal some of those missing and distorted bits which we have been denied for so long.

  • 6: And when the woman saw that the Tree ( of Knowledge of Good and Evil ) was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes and it was a Tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat.
  • 7: And the eyes of them both were opened…
  • 20: And Adam called his wife’s name Eve; because she was the Mother of All Living.

That Fruit, the Apple, feeds us with the self-knowledge to feel, see or sense what is bad or evil for us.  Evil is ‘live’ spelled backwards so it is a way of describing energies which are bad, negative or destructive. This is an important part of the Story’s real or true message. That, in eating the Apple, the Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, we can see through our limiting thought patterns and belief systems and tune into the purity of our Soul’s Vision – the becoming naked in the symbolism of the story. Then we can clearly sense what is good for us: the people and situations which are sweet, fruitful, fulfilling and nourishing for our personal Journey.

There is a slight catch though and this is because the seeing through of the lie is only one aspect of the revelation. Yes, that is good: you have seen that you have been fooled into thinking that you are powerless and that you can’t be who you really want to be. This inner-sight has lit up your mind and ignited your passion to do that something which feels good and you think has the potential to move your forwards on your Grail Quest.

You may have taken your Apple off the Tree of Knowledge already but do you dare to eat it now and risk having the experience of discovering exactly what it tastes like?  Some kind of follow-through action, fuelled by your desire to know more about yourself and the Mysteries of Mother Earth, is also needed to find out more and make it real. You have the choice and it’s your choice. Do you dare to take it?

Throat Chakra "Daring"