Meredith Murphy: Disclosure, Cosmic Connections and the 5th Dimensional Plane of Peace

There is much in the world today to encourage anyone who questions the participation of star families in the Earth’s process.  From multidimensional crop circles to channeling from other realms, to the individual experiences of remembering the versions of their origins, to the glimpses of movement in the night skies which most instinctively reveal to you the presence of other beings from other realms.

via Meredith Murphy: Disclosure, Cosmic Connections and the 5th Dimensional Plane of Peace.


49. Dream-Weaver: Merge your Divinity with the Great Mother during this Full Moon in Cancer

Dream Weaver from the Crown Chakra set of Images

49. Dream-Weaver (Crown Chakra Card from the Avalon Grail Code Oracle)


I can make dreams come true.

My creativity is an expression of Divine intent.

I know how to manifest the Vision I have been given.

Description of Image: The delicate body of a spider is suspended above and within a series of interconnected grids of subtle energy. She is creating a drop of molten gold in the basket of her web by interweaving the spin of her silk with a variety of different coloured cones of thread.

If Mother Spider has dropped into your world today, you are being asked to explore the metaphysics of weaving the tapestry of your life experiences in harmony with your Multidimensional Being.

This invitation from the Divine Mother will help you understand more about the mystical processes through which spiritual Dreams and Visions are manifested with the Diamond Light energy grids of Mother Earth. Step away from the boundaries created by the rational processes of your conventional thinking and tune into the expanded, visionary vibration of your greater wisdom. Acknowledge your ability to connect with Divine realms of Light and trust your capacity to consciously transfigure this higher, 5D frequency into a physical vibration so that your Dreams can manifest into solid expression if this is what you wish.

You are embracing your part in creating a New Earth so have faith in your ability to become more conscious of the threads of subtle energy which constantly spin in the Aura around your physical body as you focus on your Heart’s power of loving intent. Express your Divinity through the vehicle of your physical form for the Highest Good of All and learn more about the metaphysics of bringing the Light and Love of Heaven down to Mother Earth.