Global Meditation/ focus on heart space Gaia at Glastonbury Tor + light language ~ By Méline Lafont

Meline’s new guided meditation focussing on Gaia’s/Glastonbury’s Heart Chakra Portal – beautiful – Thankyou! ❤


SaLuSa 9 Jan 2014 on Human Space Civilizations and on Governments- ET contacts by Multidimensional Ocean

Thankyou to Laura for this wonderful reminder of the need to keep holding our visions of Light and Love for Mother Earth and All her multidimensional carers and inhabitants!

Multidimensional Ocean

imagesDear ones, we come to you once again to encourage you to go forward with your heart full of love in all situations and always.
It is understandable to have doubts and anxieties at this time in the Ascension process as we come to the end of this paradigm. Many of you were also present in the Atlantean times and fear that history will repeat itself.
Although this is a very small possibility at this stage, we can only emphasize the importance of focusing on a positive outcome for the planet and for all souls at this time.salusa
We know that many of you are still aware of the last great catastrophe on your planet, due to the planet travelling through the cycle of the procession through the zodiac, and a great number among you fear for the worst as the planet crosses many areas of space that are known…

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