Healing our DNA at the Cellular Level

Cellular Healing

Earth School Understanding

With ancient interference                                                                                          

Your innocence they stole

Changes made in your DNA

Makes the sense of less than whole

Honour your spiritual self

Let go the hurt of shame

Everyone is equal

And there’s no need to blame

You’re perfect in your Being

No one better than you

Everyone a spark of Light

Who’s known by what they do.

The spiritual aspects of our DNA codes are of galactic origin but the purity of some of these original genetic sequences have been distorted or corrupted over the many thousands of years of human evolution on Planet Earth. Our bodies have also inherited other vital DNA sequences which were shut down in response to generations of fear; the negative patterns of thinking which have been shaped by religious persecution.

When we consciously tune into the inner truth of our spiritual presence we become able to heal all of these genetic distortions. We can then reawaken our body’s ancient wisdom and remember the cosmic ancestral knowledge that has been sleeping for centuries. 

The Truth Sings in Circles

Front cover

The company which originally published my first book went out of business a couple of years ago and it has taken all this time to get the new owner of the publishing rights to reply to my letters.  So, with this omen, it feels like as good a time as any to do a bit of blatant self-promotion!

THE TRUTH SINGS IN CIRCLES – The Trail of the Black Madonna is still available from Amazon folks!

What is it about?

This is the blurb from the back cover below – written, mostly, by the original editor. Would I change it if I was writing it again now?Probably, but not much. My understandings have deepened over the years of course but the essential message is the same and, personally, I am even more convinced that all those carvings of the Black Madonna really are speaking to us of the ancient Mysteries of the Goddess!

“Once we understand that the truth cannot be fathomed by the rational mind alone, we are ready to follow an intuitive ‘circular path of knowledge’, discovered by the author in this instructive and thought-provoking book.

We are invited to contemplate the meaning of the ancient statues of the Black Madonna, still found in a number of European churches. We continue to sense their mystery but what exactly do they represent and is it possible to decipher their message? In her search, the author traces the history of the Black Madonna to the Mysteries of Isis, the Dark Goddess, and the eternal cycles of death and rebirth that are part of every spiritual tradition.

Then, in an impressive reworking of the myth of Perceval’s quest for the Holy Grail, the stages of the Underworld Initiation are rediscovered, together with the meaning of the Grail and the ways that the spiritual powers of the four Elements (air, water, fire, earth) shape the continuity of human experience.

The energies of the four Elements provide the mechanism of spiritual alchemy in the circular fusion of masculine and feminine powers, which are fundamental to all creative manifestation. When the qualities of the four Elements are related to Jungian psychotherapy, these archetypal powers can be used to merge the mundane with the sacred in every situation of learning, change and rebirth – the secret message of the Black Madonna.” 

The Council of Nine — Building Bridges — 6 April 2013, by Tazjima

You can overcome anything that stands in your way; even doubt and fear, even a sense of personal unworthiness and loneliness, for you are Love, the pure essence of eternal Love that encompasses all of Creation. Though the fires of Hell you have come to bring surcease to a dying planet. Through your efforts, she is rising and her people with her. She is returning to the physical manifestation of the blueprint that the Creator designed for her in the beginning. She is becoming a blue star.

via The Council of Nine — Building Bridges — 6 April 2013, by Tazjima.

Avalon’s Phoenix of Transformation: The Sign of Aquarius in the Glastonbury Temple of Stars

The Glastonbury Temple of the Stars is a huge Star Map of the Zodiac Constellations which energetically overlays the fields and villages in and around Glastonbury for several miles. First described by Katherine Maltwood in 1934, the outlines of these Star Maps are marked in the local landscape by the roads, streams, lanes and field boundaries.

Katherine was an artist by profession and she had first perceived the expanse of the Glastonbury Zodiac in a spiritual vision. She then worked out the detailed outline of each Star Map in the physical Landscape by referencing local maps and place names.

Glastonbury occupies the position of Aquarius in this Temple of Stars. Aquarius is usually linked with the image of The Water Carrier; the one who brings the Waters of Life, Light and Love to the thirsty. This symbolism conveys the idea of Celestial energies carrying cosmic frequencies of Light flowing down to Mother Earth like a waterfall.

On the personality level, these energies represent the ability to appreciate the unusual, innovative and spiritual perspectives in life and the willingness to share these unconventional insights with others. These are the ‘light- bulb’ moments which wake us up with new information and innovative solutions to life’s problems. On the spiritual level,  these are the vibrations which create an enlightenment or expansion of consciousness in our minds.

Visitors come from all over the world now to enjoy Glastonbury’s High Street shops and Workshops which share spiritual products, information and expertise. The town’s Aquarius placement in larger Landscape Zodiac has been translated into its unusual, now global role as an information centre for the New Age’s spiritual revolution; a perfect physical representation of the Landscape’s Star Map influx of Celestial energies.

However, the Sign of Aquarius in the Glastonbury Zodiac is not symbolised by the traditional image of the Water Carrier. Instead it is a Phoenix. Why is this so? In the multidimensional language of images, Katherine Maltwood’s switch in symbolism from the usual Water Carrier to innovative Phoenix in the Glastonbury Zodiac becomes wonderfully insightful. The Phoenix is an ancient symbol associated with inner Alchemy and the kinds of changes in consciousness which can result in a profound spiritual transformation. These are the awakenings of consciousness which come from a deeper level, the kind of epiphanies that can change our lives in a profound way. The outline of the Phoenix of Avalon 'flies' over the Sacred Landscape of Glastonbury Tor.

Avalon was and is a Sacred Site, a powerful Landscape Temple steeped in the mysteries of the Alchemical Phoenix, the bird-like aspect of our Spiritual Being who willingly casts herself into the purifying fires of transformation so that we may rise again, reborn and refreshed from the ashes of the past.  This Alchemical layer of multidimensional spirituality is firmly anchored in the Sacred Landscape itself and there are hints of its spiritual potential in the Landscape’s history and the Grail Legends which encode its Mystery.

To be continued…..