The Web of the Wyrd and the Law of Attraction

“The truth is an energy that lifts you and other people up with clarity, love and under-standing.”

We create our reality with filaments of Light

In the ancient Celtic, Druid and Shamanic teachings, the metaphysics of what we now call the Law of Attraction was often called the Web of the Wyrd. This is the same concept as the teachings of the Spider Woman in some traditions and the Dream-time in others.

Developing our 6th Sense

The idea of the Web of the Wyrd is that we are constantly bathed in a ‘sea’ of subtle energies which are made up of Mother Earth’s Four Elemental Powers. If we are alert to what is happening round us, we can get feedback about this Elemental Sea of non-physical energies through our intuitive 6th sense. These are the psychic, visionary and clairvoyant sensitivities which are the higher octave of our body’s 5 physical senses.

This spiritual octave of the 5 physical senses works through the energies of our body’s Chakra energy system. We all have natural 6th sense abilities but the negative, historical conditioning of our modern cultures has taught us to suppress, ignore or fear these self- empowering spiritual talents.

The Spiritual Alchemy of your Heart Chakra

The ‘antidote’ to all this self-limiting historical conditioning is to consciously tune into our physical bodies, listen to its feedback carefully and then trust what we seeing, feeling or sensing. If this provokes any memories which are carrying fear or anger from the past, then allow these emotions to surface into your awareness and embrace them with acceptance and love in your Heart Chakra.

Love resonates with higher Frequencies of Light

Your Soul’s mysterious Alchemy of Love in the Heart Chakra will then be able to transmute the self-destructive, negative ‘spin’ of the fearful emotional energies and you will be able to release them effortlessly through your outbreath. Then, when you reconnect with the Elemental Sea of the Web of the Wyrd, your emotional energies will be resonating with Love rather than fear or anger and this will magnetically attract positive people and experiences towards your personal energy field.


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