Avalon Grail Code Card no.3 Patterns (Root Chakra)

3.Root. Patterns


I am aware of my habitual responses and patterns of behaviour.

I am willing to open my mind to better ways of doing things.

I grow by working through the restrictions in my life.

Description of Image: The three elements of this image are arranged to suggest an energetic relationship between them. The perfectly circular Rings of the Planet Saturn underpin the complex and flawless beauty of a Tibetan Sand Mandala. Drawing the eye upwards towards the light at the end of the passageway, the graceful ribs of a building constructed with the sacred geometry of the Flower of Life, rise above the Mandala.

In Astrology, the Planet Saturn represents the Inner Taskmaster who helps us develop the disciplined skills we need to express our creativity. He represents the part of our personality who wants to do a good job and get it right. The Tibetan Sand Mandala is carefully made with coloured sand by highly skilled Monks who must work in a state of deep meditation to create the complex perfection of the completed design. Above the Tibetan Mandala design there is a building which has been constructed with the sacred geometry of the Flower of Life. This ancient science explains how we can use the energetic blueprints which underpin the patterns of all Natural forms to create buildings of great spiritual beauty.

Becoming aware of your habits of behaviour

This Patterns Root Chakra Oracle Card speaks to your ability to become aware of the way that patterns in the external events of your life are energetically linked with patterns in your thinking and behaving. Some of these patterns of behaviour will be life affirming in the sense that they are helping you express your creativity skilfully and beautifully.  On the other hand, some of your habits are unhelpful and actually create problems for you. In terms of your life experience, these are the physical restrictions in life which can be turned around to show you the emotional patterns which are secretly limiting or controlling your creative thinking.

You are being invited to take a closer look at your habitual responses to life so that you can discover how, subconsciously, you have been controlling or limiting the fluidity and joy of your self-expression. Empowered with this understanding, you will be able to see how your problems can be used as valuable opportunities for creating greater self-knowledge and more loving ways of expressing yourself.

Using your life experiences to build Self-awareness

Saturn also symbolises the part of our character who builds on our personal self-knowledge by asking questions such as: “Why am I doing this and who and what am I doing this for?” He represents our ability to learn from previous events and use the wisdom of this inner light in our current situation.

He is our inner Karmic Time Lord who supports us in being open to receive real and very useful answers when we ask, “Why has this happened in this way and what can I learn from it?”

We need discipline to become skilful

Some of our life skills are good for us in the sense that we feel happy to behave in these ways because they are a good match energetically with who we are in terms of our spiritual purpose. These are the skills that you are happy to dedicate time to learning and perfecting because they support you achieving what you want to happen.

However we also learn other patterns in childhood which don’t fit well with who we really are. These are the behaviours which are connected with feelings of being shamed or burdened in some way. There may be a sense of duty or a feeling of having to do something because someone else says we ought to or must do it.

Creating more constructive outcomes

In this respect Saturn speaks to our intuitive knowing that there is a spiritual purpose for the situation we are currently in. When we can accept feelings of being held back or stuck, we can also understand that there is a spiritual reason and purpose to it. Then we can open our minds to learning something of great spiritual value by asking, “What is this all about?” and getting the answers we need.

This skill helps us to stand back and review our life direction through the discipline of questioning the underlying reasons for the outcomes of previous experiences. We are then more empowered to use this information to help us resolve our current issues as well as learning something of great value from what has happened.