Avalon Grail Code Chakra Card no. 44 – Rebirth

For the last 3 years I have been working on creating a set of 49 Oracle Cards based on the 7  ‘traditional’ Chakra energy centres of the body. The inspiration for this task  came originally from my reading of the text of the Gospel of Mary Magdalene. Some of the original text is missing but there is enough remaining to understand that part of it is a record of Mary explaining some of her spiritual experiences of purifying the spiritual energies of the 7 Chakras.

Each Grail Code Chakra Card has an image and a set of 3 Affirmations/Positive Thoughts that go with it. I am currently working on writing some explanatory text for each card with the idea of further explaining the kind of spiritual issues that are encountered in the process of working consciously with these powerful energy centres.

44. Rebirth (Crown Chakra)


No. 44 Rebirth, Crown Chakra

I trust the Mysteries of spiritual transformation.

I am relaxing into the Alchemy of Change.

My world is safe.

Description of the Image: A mummified body lies inert and apparently lifeless beneath a night sky vibrant with stars. The graceful form of another figure begins to emerge from the protection of a rainbow coloured veil.

Welcome and trust this opportunity for spiritual renewal

If you have received this card today you are being asked to rest in the inner stillness and love of your Soul’s Presence while you release limiting emotional attachments and old ideas about yourself. You are being offered the opportunity for a profound leap in your spiritual awareness so embrace your fears with love and welcome this time as a chance to let go of outmoded patterns of thinking and old ways of behaving that no longer serve your spiritual path.

Opening to a higher love gives birth to new and higher levels of spiritual awareness

Rebirth is one of the Crown Chakra cards and it speaks of the unexplainable Mysteries of spiritual transformation.  These profound changes in consciousness involve shifts in the energetic dynamics which link the various physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers of your being in ways that cannot be understood by the rational thought processes of the Ego-mind. The usual result is feelings of fear or the sense that some part of you is dying because the Ego-mind cannot understand the inner transformation that is taking place.

Try not to judge or control what is happening

With the realisation that these kinds of big shifts in your awareness are necessary for spiritual reasons, it may be helpful to call on your inner courage, strength and self-love and consciously relax your body and mind as much as you are able.Open your Heart as widely as you can to the loving support of your Soul presence and your spiritual guides as they hold you gently during this time of transition and energetic transmutation of the past.

The spiritual processes of deep transformation and rebirth demand the release of negative energies of past experiences at the cellular level of your body so remembering old hurts or angers will facilitate emotional release. Try not to judge the process or suppress your feelings. Remember that you are not alone and that after this period of transition, your vibration will be lifted up in ways that will bring you a feeling of being renewed or reborn as you embrace more love, light and spiritual awareness into your life experience.

Trust in the future and let the spiritual authenticity of your Soul-Self emerge

This kind of profound shift in consciousness is only asked for when emotional and mental attachments to the past have become  constraining or limiting from the viewpoint of your spiritual growth. Welcome the presence of your Higher Self-consciousness and give yourself all the time you need to connect with the multidimensional wisdom stored in your DNA.

Trusting the spiritual need for your situation without becoming attached to an outcome opens up the higher levels of your mind to new spiritual insights. You will sense a deeper connection with the Creator’s universal energy of field of divine love and a greater understanding of the part that you can play in this blissful unfolding.


Mary Magdalene’s Celestial Keys

We are slowly remembering the true role of Mary Magdalene in Britain’s earlier forms of Christianity: that she was regarded as a Saint and an important founder of the Church. Mary’s legacy was once highly valued. She was honoured and she was deeply respected.

There are still many towns with streets, Chapels and other buildings in the UK dedicated to her. Glastonbury has a Magdalene Street where you can step inside the tiny houses of a mediaeval Hospice which were named in her memory.

Suddenly, a Witch Hunt

But then, for some reason, the Roman Church became so threatened by Mary’s name and memory that they invented the first media witch hunt – literally! The Magdalene Mary was besmirched, dishonoured, tainted and tarnished. She was gradually demoted and linked with the archetype of a repentant whore rather than an honoured Saint and founder of the First Church.

And those who objected were somehow or other silenced. What was going on?

The Promise of Revelations

Not so long ago, the enormous success of Dan Brown’s book, The Da Vinci Code, famously took the lid off hundreds of years of persecution of the truth about Mary’s real relationship with Yeshua (Jesus). The goose was out and we began to realise that we could trust what we had sensed all along – that there really was a cover-up of something strangely vital, important and powerful.

But what exactly was it? Dan Brown’s various books gave out lots of hints and others soon jumped onto a bandwagon that seemed to promise instant fame and glory. Revelations followed: that there are secret societies in the know and they are guarding powerful information that can unlock any and every door.

We were all intrigued, well, just a little bit, until we realised that all those special, secret people had no intention of inviting all and sundry onto their membership lists. Maybe it was just another trick to make few clever people lots of money. Well, it certainly worked, for them anyway!

Those Celestial Keys are in the Gospel of Mary Magdalene

Somewhere along the line a few years ago, I found this quote from a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882).

“Like the astrologers of eld (old),

In that bright vision I beheld

Greater and deeper mysteries.

 I saw, with its celestial keys,

Its chords of air, its frets of fire,

The Samian’s great Aeolian lyre,

Rising through all its sevenfold bars,

From earth unto the fixed stars.”

I remember being both shocked and delighted when I first found these words – shocked by the beauty of Longfellow’s insight and delighted by his eloquence.  My personal journey had already led me back to the Gospel of Mary Magdalene and I had begun to understand her message enough to realise that Longfellow had also very likely been privy to her Revelations.

This is what was being hidden but the Goose is out! Image

The goose was out!

The Photo is from Salisbury Cathedral which was contemporary with Glastonbury abbey.