Capricorn’s 2012 Winter Solstice Blessings

2012 Winter Solstice Cave of Creation

The Solstice marks the time when the day length begins to change

Many stone circles show alignments to the rising of the Sun at dawn on the Winter Solstice. Celebrated by the ancient cultures as a symbolic return of the Light, this sacred time represented a spiritual renewal because, in the Northern Hemisphere, the day length begins to increase again after the longest night of the year.

Three days of Solstice stillness

The word ‘Solstice’ means ‘the standing still of the sun’. Due to the axis tilt of Mother Earth the daily locations of the sunrise and sunset appear to move along the horizon. This annual movement of the Sun reaches its most southerly point at the time of the Winter Solstice when the rising Sun appears to stand still on the horizon for three days before reversing direction and turning northwards again.

The Solstice as a Time to press your inner ‘reset’ button

The physical light of the Sun represents the inner light of our spiritual awareness so for the three days over the Solstice when the Sun appears to be standing still on the horizon, it is as though we are being invited to make time to stop, pause for thought and consider what we have learnt and achieved in the time since the previous Solstice.

In this period of stillness and inner reflection we have time to review our life circumstances, understand our motives and learn from the outcomes of our choices. Encouraged by these practical insights and a inspired with better understanding of what we want to do, we may then decide to make loving and healthy changes in our relationships, work patterns, habits and routines.

At the Winter Solstice the Sun moves into the Star Sign of Capricorn

The Winter Solstice also marks the time in the Solar year when the Sun lights up the celestial energies of Capricorn, the Zodiac’s  intrepid Mountain Goat.  Capricorn’s energies speak to our ability to be inspired by our spiritual purpose and then use our skills to manifest these creative goals with practical methods of working. These Mountain Goat energies are also ambitious and methodically purposeful with an inner drive to look for pathways of self-expression which express our spiritual values in loving ways. Capricorn  wants to use its hard won wisdom to create practical outcomes with dedicated care and a loving attention to detail.

Resetting our spiritual purpose with the timing of the Cosmic Clock

Due to other factors such as the Progression of the Equinoxes, the solar energies being focussed by this year’s 2012 Capricorn Sun at the Winter Solstice will be very special indeed. In effect, this particular Solstice could be compared with the switching and resetting of a Cosmic Clock instead of just the annual lengthening of the solar day-time.

In effect this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to use this particular Winter Solstice stationing of the Sun to quietly receive the cosmically coded energies which have been designed to spiritually awaken our minds and open our Hearts. We are also being offered the chance to focus on how we can connect our spiritual purpose with our real-world, hands-on expertise so that we can create ways of living which express our desire for inspired practical and heartfelt action not just for next solar year but for the rest of our life path.