Avalon Grail Code Oracle No.38. Highest Good (Brow Chakra)

Surrender to the Highest Good


I am open to something which is bigger and better for me.

My heart is open to my Soul’s loving guidance.

There is spiritual perfection in my process of growth.

Description of Image: A carved figure of a man seems to be emerging from the stone which surrounds his body.  An enigmatic female form lovingly watches the man’s efforts to become free.

Developing your Ability to consciously surrender your Ego’s fears and limiting belief systems so you can open further to the Higher Love, support and clarity of guidance of your Soul-Self.

Let Love be the Light guiding your path

Your Higher Self is offering you the embrace of a higher vibration of love with the intention of guiding your progress towards a more creative phase of your life path but this means that you must now release whatever is still holding you back from achieving your full potential. Remember your commitment to your spiritual progress and trust the path that is leading you to a greater understanding of your Multidimensional Being. Surrender your fears to the concept of there being a Higher Good to your situation. Call these higher and more loving energy potentials to you and trust that they will serve you in the best possible way.

Surrender your Ego’s limiting patterns of thinking

If you are struggling with old patterns of thinking and behaving remember that your Soul and Higher-Self want only the best for you and that you are loved unconditionally. The Ego has a limited outlook based on optimising its strategies for physical survival so it fights by creating a confusing muddle of worries and fears every time we are invited to expand our spiritual capacity to connect with the higher vibrations of love. Trust that you have reached a point in your Life Path where you really can learn how to merge more closely with the expanded vision and loving purity of your Soul Essence and shift your mental focus to ways of simplifying and letting go of life’s dramas.

Trust the process and release the past

You are being given the opportunity to wipe your emotional slate clean of old pain, fear and hurt so accept your situation without judgement and stop worrying about what might happen or what you think you should be doing.  Allow yourself to go with flow of your intuitive guidance and trust the process. Your aim now is to free yourself from old belief systems which have been unwittingly holding you back so that you can emerge into the new and much higher energy potentials that are now available to you.  When the Karmic patterns of suffering are dissolved, your sensitivity to the enduring Love and Peace of the Creator will increase the compassion that you have for yourself and all around you.