Avalon Grail Code Card no.36 Invention

This Grail Code Card speaks of our ability to become more conscious of how we are able to manifest the events and situations we want to experience.


I am imagining a world full of beauty and divine purpose.

The beauty that I express reflects my sense of divine perfection.

I am anchoring my belief in sacred purpose in everything I do.

Description of Image: Surrounded by various potentials, ideas, blueprints and plans, a figure lovingly devotes their attention to what they have decided to do.

 Trust your ability to manifest your dreams and visions

Self-realization is the conscious recognition that, because we are each divine aspects of the Creator, we each have an energetic connection with the Source though the spiritual awareness of our Higher Mind. With this understanding we then can become conscious of our capacity to be co-creative with the divine aspects of our Being and develop our ability to bring our spiritual visions and desires more accurately into physical manifestation.

The process of giving form to our ideas, inventions, visions and dreams begins in the spiritual realms of the Higher Mind, the 5th Dimensional realms and beyond. The subtle energy potentials of sacred space which underpin the material realms of 3D physical reality can then be directed by the creative focus of our thoughts and feelings.

Embrace your individuality and trust your personal vision

Usually we first become aware of a new idea as a thought-form which has been inspired or invented by our Higher Mind’s connection with the Source of Life. If we want to move this new idea closer to manifestation, we can then focus on creating an energetic connection which links this inspired thought-form with the loving intent of our Heart Chakra.

This creates a kind of bridge of motivation, an energy which connects your inspired or visionary idea with your emotional desire and your spiritual intent. This will be experienced as a desire or feeling of wanting your idea or vision to happen. You are then responsible for taking the kind of practical actions that are most likely to manifest what you have envisioned.

Third Eye/Brow Chakra No. 36: Invention