Becoming Wise Like a Serpent

This is one of the Poems and Collage Images from the Avalon Grail Code Oracle that I am currently working on. I am finding that I never really understand the encoded Messages created by the combining of a Poem with an Image until I start to write about them. Creativity really is a mysterious process!

Pearls of Possibility

Your pearls of possibility

Could be trampled into dust

Your path lost in distraction

Or betrayed by misplaced trust

Look out for the traps of glamour

The snares of lies and deceitCollage. Blessing from Mother Earth

The raping of divine intention

That leaves you incomplete

Treasure the keys to your Knowing

The Serpent-fire in your bones

Your Dreams are sacred music

Your Song is a library of tones.

Focus on becoming more aware of the ways that your Body’s intuitive, gut reactions can help you fine tune and validate the guidance and wisdom of your direct knowing

Being grounded in the sensory physicality of your Body gives you a greater awareness of the instinctive, gut feelings of your body’s natural responses while, at the same time, providing you with a growing appreciation of the influences of the different kinds of subtle energies around you.

These subtle dynamics can be both positive and negative; creative and fulfilling or wasteful of your time, efforts or other resources. These sorts of influences can even be harming or damaging. This is why it is important to have greater awareness and discernment of these kinds of influences at this time because they are colouring or shaping your interactions with others in ways which may not always be beneficial to you.

Become Wise like a Serpent

As the greater spectrum of human relationship dynamics are revealed it is important to stay aware of the sacred connection or bond between your Soul-Self and the sacred consciousness of Mother Earth because this is the touchstone or bedrock of why you have chosen, on the Soul level, to be alive at this time. This sacred connection is the source of your growing sense of how to be wise to the ways of the world without losing sight of your dedication to your personal spiritual principles. You are learning more about how to honour all paths without giving your personal pearls of wisdom away to those who are not yet able to respect their value.

© All Rights Reserved Mano Mannaz 2015