Four Elements of Choice in your Metaphysical Soup

My first encounter with the Principles of Metaphysics was in the Seth books by Jane Roberts.  This was far too many years ago to admit to honestly. I was fascinated by Seth’s revelations but his information was very far removed from my mind-set back then. I can remember being able to read about 2 pages at a time before my brain felt like it was splitting apart.

But I plodded on, subliminally absorbing Seth’s mysterious take on Reality. Then I re-read those early paperbacks at intervals until the covers more or less fell apart. Bit by bit, drip feed by drip feed, I had begun the process of opening my mind to the possibility that, somehow or other, I might be responsible for creating my physical reality.

The Mystery of Metaphysics

Those Metaphysical Mysteries were still very much in the ‘somehow or other department’ of my mind though. Then, few years later, a flurry of those ‘mind of matter’ and ‘get rich quick’ blockbusters arrived on the scene. Instinctively, I wasn’t buying it.

The simplicity of these books felt superficial and it just didn’t fit with my experience of Life: it was all too easy, too glib and it felt phoney. I was smelling rats so I didn’t waste any money. I could sense that it was a con but I didn’t know why.

Listening for the Ring of Truth

Now I know that my reactions were important because I had begun to trust my feelings and my inner-tuition. This part of me can hear the Ring of Truth and can sense discrepancies in what I am being told. Somehow or other my inner-tuition had woken up and was willing to kick out at any rats who came along.

Later, my life experiences taught me in no uncertain terms that, if I was smelling a rat, then it really was a rat whatever the other person was trying  to tell me. They were lying as far as I was concerned and they could keep it. I learnt the hard way that listening out for guidance from my Ring of Truth was only safe way for me to move forward.

There is Alchemy in the Four Elements of Choice

However, deep in the Cosmic Cauldron of the inner workings of my Heart I had asked a Spiritual Quest-ion. I really did want to know how it all worked. I wanted to know how it was that I could be the creator of the kind of life that I wanted to be living.

In Grail-Quest terms I had unwittingly taken Excalibur, my Sword of Truth, from the Stone of my Destiny and the Sacred Flame of Life was responding to me.

Stirring the Cosmic Cauldron 

Seth’s words had quietly inspired my Grail Quest.  I had embraced an Intellectual Idea (Air) and it burned slowly and steadily with my Spiritual Desire to become more aware and Know for myself (Fire). However, because we live on Planet Earth and are therefore subject to the Sacred Laws of  Mother Nature, the seed of my Idea needed some kind of proper substance to grow in (Earth) and there was no get rich quick solution for me.

Purifying the Pot

The Seed of my Grail Quest-ion had to grow its Lunar roots down deep into the Watery mud of my emotional history before it could lift its flower upwards to the creative consciousness of my Sun.

I had asked a spiritual Question and this had opened my  mind to something new. I had then conceived the possibility that I might be able to understand something, in this case, how it could be that I was actually creating my world. But I then I had to do my homework like everyone else.

That ‘read my book and get rich overnight’ thing was a con. In the real world, there is always some shit-shovelling to do. You have to clean all those very muddy the decks first because if you don’t then, well, you just create another contaminated mess, don’t you?

But you do need the Airy Idea of making something at the beginning even though this is only one ingredient in the cooking up of a Metaphysical Soup. In reality you need the other three Elemental energies as well.  You need the idea and plan of making soup, some kind of a recipe, but you also need those other factors: a pot (Earth), heat (Fire) and Water or maybe some wine if you are feeling flush.

Then get Cooking

Then you need some healthy, maybe home-grown ingredients all created by Mother Earth to make it onto something that is satisfying enough to feed and nourish you on all levels of your Being. And all this takes some skill, effort, care and focus which are all further Elemental ‘products’ of your personality.

Maybe you did have to release some blood, sweat and tears before you could finally bring your lovely feast to the table but, boy, it can be worth it!


Weaving with Four Elements of Creative Choice