12.12.12 Aligning with the Light of Divine Love

Black Madonna of Healing

It certainly feels as though the influx of cosmic energies grounded in Glastonbury’s Landscape Temple on the 12.12.12. amplified the power of Unconditional Love in readiness for the Global Celebration of Light on the 21st December 2012.  A key note was the opening of the Heart Chakra to forgiving and healing the pain and hurt from the time of Atlantis. This emotional release had the effect of collapsing the ancient Timelines from this era; old Timelines which had been energised by the emotions of fear, hurt, anger and loss rather than the higher vibrations of Unconditional Love.

When we honour our desire to open our Hearts to Love, we are able to absorb the spiritual information which is always available in the energies of Light surrounding us. This assimilation amplifies our vibration and inspires a remembrance of our power to manifest our lives with the higher vibration of the Divine frequencies of Love. We are also impulsed to heal and release emotions that are being held as old memories and experiences  that are not vibrating with the higher frequency of our Divinity.

Becoming more conscious of your own Divinity

Each new influx of Celestial frequencies further amplifies our ability to absorb and physically embody even more Light. There is strengthening of the ‘diamond-light frequencies’, the subtle flows of the crystalline energy matrix which interpenetrates the physical matter of our 3D bodies.

Further cycles of purifying release, forgiveness and healing are then needed for our physical and emotional bodies to realign and recalibrate every organ and cell with the higher vibration of the quantum energy-fields of Celestial Light that have been received. However each cycle of redefining and purifying further amplifies our capacity to hold the higher frequencies of Love. We are consciously perceiving and then physically embodying more of our Divinity.

Embodying the Divine Frequencies of Love

This on-going process of embodying the higher frequencies of Love and Light activates the Cellular Memory held by the DNA. The 12 Chakra energy systems of our Light Body are stimulated and we remember the spiritual skills and abilities learnt in other lifetimes. We become more aware of our Soul’s multidimensional consciousness and our unique path of service. We are more open to the Love that the Mother of All has for us and are inspired with new ways to manifest our Divinity.

Our body’s new energy pathways vibrate with the higher frequencies of love, devotion, joy and celebration. The Chrystal Matrix energy circuits of Mother Earth support the new Divine energy circuits flowing in our purified physical bodies and we are empowered to co-create with those of like mind; with those who also want to sing the songs coming from the centre of the Cosmic Heart.

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