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I have been in this ‘Awakening Game’ for about 30 years.  I was initiated by Osho and I lived in several of his Sannyas Buddha-field Communes for a few years in the 1980’s. This showed me real-time that it is possible to live together in love and harmony as spiritual equals because this what we actually did.  It was brilliant and it was a shame that it had to end when it did but I guess it was just too far ahead of the collective’s game-plan curve at that time.

The beauty of this form of unity living was not lost on me. I also trained in Intuitive Massage Therapy around that time and then developed these abilities in my private healing practice in the 1990’s. Later I added Past Life Regression to the mix as my psychic abilities opened and expanded further and I connected with healing needed in the deeper parts of my own psyche.

In the last few years, other intuitive aspects of my consciousness have been activated and I now express these in my artwork and writing mostly. Writing does not come so easily but practice may make perfect as they say!

I have deeply connected with Mother Earth and her ‘Invisible Beings’ since a small child. This abiding love has evolved into what is now often called an appreciation of the Divine Feminine and Mysteries of the Goddess:  the realms of awareness where we know that we are all part of a beautiful and pure, loving and abundant, Wholeness. 

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2 thoughts on “About me

  1. I give you of myself, my energy, All That I AM, to encourage you in your beautiful endeavor here on your website. Beautiful website! Just soul stirring! Thank you for doing all the hard work that goes into an project such as this! Namaste. Amy

  2. I wanted to thank you for stopping by my photo blog!! I am enjoying reading your posts as well and find the subject matter intriguing. Will take some time with it.

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