Getting Ready for my Journey with Goddess Art and Poetry Exhibition

The last few months I have been very busy getting the Artwork and Poetry finished for an Exhibition opening later this month. The New Year unexpectedly brought a flurry of new Collage Images and then I was offered the chance of displaying them at the Blue Cedar Print Works in Glastonbury. This sort of opportunity doesn’t happen very often so I bit the bullet as it were and said ‘yes please!’

Avalon’s Loom of Becoming                                                               

My wet feet follo1. Avalon's Loom of Becomingw a rabbit path             

After the storms of night

Morning’s mist raising dawn

In a tapestry of light

Avalon’s Loom of Becoming

Weaving time and space with soul

Her Dragon Fires and Sacred Springs      

The treasures for making whole.

Each of the 10 Collage images is linked with a Poem which offers a Grail Path Message. As usual there is more to do than I first expected but the good news is that I am sharing the exhibition space with David Stone of Gurumarketing fame and this makes it a much less daunting a prospect. We decided on the Title of ‘Journey with the Goddess’ because we both a deep connection with Avalon’s Sacred Landscape and we both use Vision Path/Journey techniques as a part of our Spiritual practice.

Avalon Grail Code Collage

I will never forget making my first Collage in the summer 2009. I had been using various mindfulness practices for many years but that summer I was feeling so stuck and depressed that none of the usual techniques were working. My first Collage was made from materials immediately to hand – a selection of pictures from a local newspaper. I chose a set of images just because they grabbed my attention. When completed, my picture surprised me but somehow, this first Collage succeeded in giving a clear voice to the personal issues that were bothering me.

Messages in Picture Form

I quickly made more Collages with pictures from old magazines. It was easy, it was costing me next to nothing and it was fun. As if by magic, inner doorways were opening and forgotten realms of renewed creativity were being unlocked. Each picture was acting as a dreamlike image that could be explored like an imaginary gateway or window. By the end of that summer, with just some old magazines and a Pritt-stick, I was on my way to a real sense of greater wellbeing and renewed self-confidence.

The Grail Seeker’s Journey

After a few years of Collage making, I realised that this type of creativity could also be used as an avenue to explore the Glastonbury’s rich and ancient past. After living in the area for over 20 years I had become entranced by Avalon’s Arthurian myths like so many others before and beside me. The result was that, as I continued to be creatively inspired, the dreamlike qualities of making Collages began to open poetic doorways and channels of communication with the Mythic or Unseen Realms.

The group of Collages and Poems for this Journey with the Goddess Exhibition have been chosen because they reflect this more visionary connection with Avalon’s mysterious past. As each image is contemplated, the viewer can experience an inner meeting or merging of symbolism which may then communicate a personal message or insight. Eventually there will be a collection of 33 Avalon Grail Code Collages and Poems in the form of an Oracle; a set of 33 images each with a Life Path Message designed to support the Grail Seeker’s Journey.                             

Come along if you can! Journey with the Goddess Art Exhibition with David Stone at the Blue Cedar Print Works Gallery in Glastonbury between 18th June and 19th July 2015. A selection of artwork and poetry inspired by the Myths and Legends of the Sacred Landscape of Avalon.