Healing our DNA at the Cellular Level

Cellular Healing

Earth School Understanding

With ancient interference                                                                                          

Your innocence they stole

Changes made in your DNA

Makes the sense of less than whole

Honour your spiritual self

Let go the hurt of shame

Everyone is equal

And there’s no need to blame

You’re perfect in your Being

No one better than you

Everyone a spark of Light

Who’s known by what they do.

The spiritual aspects of our DNA codes are of galactic origin but the purity of some of these original genetic sequences have been distorted or corrupted over the many thousands of years of human evolution on Planet Earth. Our bodies have also inherited other vital DNA sequences which were shut down in response to generations of fear; the negative patterns of thinking which have been shaped by religious persecution.

When we consciously tune into the inner truth of our spiritual presence we become able to heal all of these genetic distortions. We can then reawaken our body’s ancient wisdom and remember the cosmic ancestral knowledge that has been sleeping for centuries. 


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