The Peaceful Power of Shaman Scorpio

The Planet Mars has recently moved into the Sign of Scorpio, the Alchemist of the Zodiac. The energy of the Spiritual Warrior is out adventuring in search of the mysterious, the occult and what is lying hidden. Take a deep breathe everyone because all those secrets that have been lurking at the edge of the collective awareness for a long time will start to leak soon and some will be very angry when they realise what has really been going on.

Some popular paperback Astrology books suggest that people are secretly fascinated by Scorpio’s mysterious aura of powerful magnetism. However, being born underneath this Sign myself, that has not been my experience. Mostly that ‘powerful magnetism’ seems to have provoked the sort of reaction that most sane people would have when encountering a real life scorpion i.e. panic followed by as swift an exit as possible!

I have always been an optimistic sort of person with the tendency to look at the brighter side of life so being born in November and attracting other people’s horror seemed to be a curse for a very long time. Why was everyone running away – what was I doing wrong?   It was me that was mystified!

And then, a few years ago, I encountered a real life scorpion inside its pet shop ‘cage’. I had been enjoying the neon flashes of colour in the tropical fish department until I sensed another presence, a something else somewhere in another tank nearby. I went looking of course because I’m a Scorpio and that also means being psychic and loving a mystery.

That something else was a real-life scorpion, minding its own business and sitting very quietly under a rock. Just the edges of its pinchers were showing but I could feel the power of the creature nevertheless.

He or she held a concentrated and quiet stillness which also embodied an energy which was very pure and very powerful. I was fascinated and enthralled as I sensed an echo arising in a deep, inner, forgotten part of my Self. I realised that I also had the ability to sit quietly and mind my own business, to carefully digest the fall-out from my experiences and discover the inner Alchemy of learning from them. Then I could wait patiently for something new and more nourishing to come along.

With this encounter with my real-life role-model, I realised that being a Scorpio could be a blessing. I began to understand the role of holding still, of seeking and trusting the inner mystery, the Alchemy of real spiritual transformation. I also realised that if another person threw their emotional rubbish at me, I loved myself enough to say no, I don’t need to accept that. And, if someone attacked me, that I had the right and power to defend myself.

A Shaman Scorpion also realises that there is no need to kick up a fuss when someone else’s shit hits the fan.  OK, you sometimes have to define your boundaries if they are drunk and are bruising for a fight but usually the threat of retaliation is enough. Just focus your look with a glare of ‘don’t you dare attack ME’ or, if that is not enough, wave one of your claws around a bit with the energy of ‘I mean it’.

Then the other person will soon run for cover. You can help them if you want to and they are taking full responsibility for what they have created but you don’t have to take on their rubbish in the process!

Lessons of Scorpio Love




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